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With so many places to see in Trier why not give yourself a bit more freedom to do it. Check out the latest specials on car hire in Trier.

Trier is the oldest city in Germany and still has magnificent Roman ruins from that time. With a vehicle from Car Hire Trier you can tour the beautiful scenery in style. From the very low price of £ 9.00 per day Car Hire Trier offers the ideal vehicle for your stay.

Fully comprehensive insurance, liability cover, waivers on auto theft and collision damage and roadside assistance in the unlikely event of a breakdown are all inclusive in the price.

Car Hire Trier Mini Guide

In your vehicle from Car Hire Trier you will be able to discover a veritable historical paradise.

The city dates back to the Romans and their influence is everywhere. The spectacular Porta Nigra gate is arguably the finest Roman piece of architecture in the town.

There is a Roman amphitheatre that once housed up to 20,000 people that is a short drive in your Car Hire Trier vehicle. The Kaiserthermen are former Roman baths that are also testament to the Roman influence on the city.

The Cathedral in Trier houses part of the original church that was built by the Emperor Constantine and contains a relic of the Holy Robe. Constantine is credited with being the first Christian Roman Emperor.

Visit the Rheinisches Landesmuseum which has emerged as one of the most important archeological museums in Germany. Given the Roman influence of the city the Liebfrauenkirche stands out as it is a church in a Gothic design.

One of the town's most famous citizens was Karl Marx. He was born in the town in 1818 and you can visit Geburtshaus von Karl Marx where he was born.

Judengrasse is a street in the town where the Jews once lived and is now a mixture of bars and places to eat. The area is renowned for good wine and beer which seem to be available everywhere. Try the local Lowenbrau which is brewed in Trier.

The Fachhochschule was once used to educate the Nazis but is now the University of Applied Sciences.

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