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Experience that extra freedom that you can only get with a car while on holiday in Koblenz. Browse the latest offers on car hire in Koblenz.

In the area of the Rhineland - Palatinate in Germany is the town of Koblenz. The town has a number of interesting places and exiting things to do. From the very low price of £ 9.00 per day Car Hire Koblenz has the vehicle of your choice to see this beautiful town.

Car Hire Koblenz's offer include, fully comprehensive insurance, liability cover, unlimited mileage and a waiver on collision damage and auto theft, in this very special price.

Car Hire Koblenz Mini Guide

Car Hire Koblenz has the ideal vehicle of your choice to tour around Koblenz. A good place to begin your tour is at the German Corner. This is where the River Mosel meets the River Rhine. Known to the locals as Deutsches Eck the park has a massive statue of Kaiser Wilhelm that is popular with tourists.

Across the river is the castle Festung Ehrenbreitstein. This was a big military fort and is still in top condition. With a strong military past Koblenz has a very good Military Museum that tells of the importance of the strategic position of the town.

Cruise around the town in your Car Hire Koblenz vehicle and visit the town hall. This area has some nice sculptures and a particularly nice little fountain called Schängel-Brunnen.

An interesting place to visit is the theatre in the town. There are usually classical shows that are very popular with the locals.

Boating trips along the Rhine are very popular and you enjoy the wine that comes from the region in the vineyards that line the river.

The Lohr - Centre is a shopping mall that contains over 130 shops. Lohrstrasse near the mall also contains more traditional shops for the souvenir hunter.

Food and wine are excellent in the region and an excellent place to try is Wirtshaus in Alt Coblenz. The restaurant offers the best of local specialities.

Beer is also very popular and Konigsbacher is the local beer from brewery in town. The Irish Pub is a place where one can try all of the beers of the region and more.

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