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Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore at a pace comfortable for you. It gives you the chance to see that little bit more. Browse the latest great offers on car hire in Hannover.

Hannover is a city that is not like many other large European Cities. It is unique in a number of ways. Car Hire Hannover has the ideal vehicle for you to discover its uniqueness.

From the very low price of just £ 9.00 per day, Car Hire Hannover offers fully comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance in the unlikely event of a breakdown, liability cover and waivers for auto theft and collision damage included in this great price.

Car Hire Hannover Mini Guide

Due to the town being hard hit during World War II many of the historical buildings were demolished. The town is therefore reasonably modern with large green areas and water features.

There is still a lot to see and do in the city and the ideal way to see it is in a vehicle from Car Hire Hannover.

Hannover has a city hall that displays models of how it looked at four different points in time. The change will give you an idea of how the city has changed. There is a stunning view of the city from the dome at the top.

Lake Masch is a massive man made lake that is pretty spectacular. The lake is a very popular place to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Kröpcke is the major shopping area in the very centre of the town. There are a lot of restaurants that are very popular.
KropckeUhr is the ideal meeting place in the town as it is a large green clock that can be seen from distance.

Take your vehicle from Car Hire Hannover to the Herrenhauser Garten and admire the world famous baroque gardens. They were created in the 17th Century to copy those of Versailles in Paris.

Trace the history of Hannover at the Historical Museum and discover the long history that dates back to 1100.

There is an aquarium that also houses a rainforest inside called the Hannover Aquarium that is a delightful place to visit and is popular especially in summer.

Car Hire Hannover Airport – HAJ

Hannover Airport is located 11km north of the centre of Hannover. It has three terminals that are used by airlines such as Lufthansa - Terminal A, Aeroflot - Terminal B and Air Berlin - Terminal C. There is a 4th terminal which is used by the British Military RAF Hannover. There are excellent parking facilities at the airport and the terminals are modern with shopping, bars and restaurants to be found at the terminals. The airport is connected to the town and surrounding areas by an extremely good infrastructure.

Second name: Langenhagen

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