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Car Hire Bremen

Hiring a vehicle in Bremen will give you more opportunity to see more in a shorter time. Check out the latest special on car hire in Bremen.

Bremen is a very scenic and important town in the North of Germany. It has some magnificent buildings that are waiting for you to discover. Car Hire Bremen offers the ideal vehicle for you to tour this famous city.

Included in Car Hire Bremen's special offer is unlimited mileage, fully comprehensive insurance, a wavier on auto theft and collision damage and liability cover. This offer starts from the very low price of £ 9.00 per day.

Car Hire Bremen Mini Guide

Bremen is a very historic town filled with magnificent buildings. There are a lot of these and Car Hire Bremen has the vehicle of your choice to see as many as possible.

A good place to start is the Rathaus which is one of the finest town halls in Europe is an UNESCO World Heritage Listed building.

Not too far behind in splendor is the Cathedral of St Peter which is more than 12 Centuries old. The Southern Tower of the Cathedral offers great views of the city. There are also some excellent paintings to be found on the ceilings.

Next to the town hall are the Town Musicians of Bremen. These are mentioned in the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm and are associated with the city.

There is a statue here of the famous Knight Roland who protected trade in Bremen. The statue appears in many European cities associated with Hanseatic League. The statue in Bremen is also part of UNESCO.

Drive around the city in your Car Hire Bremen vehicle and discover Am Wall. This is a park that sits next to a moat and is very popular with the locals who wish to relax.

The world's smallest hotel is located in Schnoor and this area of narrow lanes also boasts a lot of shops.
For museums and a beautiful Glockenspiel the Bottcherstrasse is a must. The street Jugendstil is considered to be Art Noveau and there buildings that have very impressive designs on them.

Car Hire Bremen Airport – BRE

Located 3.5km south of the city is Bremen Airport. The airport has a substantial number of airlines that operate low cost flights domestically and international. One such airline is Ryan Air that flies to Spain among other destinations. The airport handles over 2m passengers per year and the majority of this volume is in summer.

Facilities at the airport include free parking as well as cafes, bars, shopping and restaurants. The airport has three terminals with terminal 1 being the departure for airlines such as Ryan Air and terminal three being the terminal for Lufthansa.

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